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Journal Review May 20, 2015


Hi guys! 

What a beautifully perfect morning. I finally got to bed at a decent hour last night, allowing me to be fully awake at this early hour. We had a good group yesterday, always something for me to look forward to. Kim was back from France and had some great photos as well as drawings to show us. She saw an  exhibit of exquisite book art while in Chartres, which got us on to the discussion of what exactly book art is.

Elizabeth decided to make an accordion book for her daughter's graduation, so I helped her with that.

Kim had made a lovely little one for her daughter. If anyone else is interested, I am always happy to help make those. They are quick and make really nice gifts.  I attached a photo of the outside of one i had made for Charlie's birthday one year. They can open up to as many folds as you need for photos or drawings, and on the back you can write a note to whoever it is for.   

Leslie was still interested in a watercolor demonstration, so I took advantage of the lovely card Susie brought with the peony watercolor on it, and attempted to show how I would go about applying and blending the paints. Hope that was somewhat helpful. It is actually a wonderful image to practice on so maybe we can all try it next week.

Express Yourself has theirannual show tonight at the Wang, amazingly inspiring and upbeat and FREE. It starts at 7 and is open seating. 

Look at their site to see how young people's lives can be powerfully changed with art.


Have a wonderful day! And thank-you for supporting my journaling.

It is so nice to be able to have this weekly time with you guys!

xx Barb