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I am returning to Oaxaca city sometime next year to take spanish lessons, visit artist's studios and draw. I will stay at MaryJane's Casa Murguia, which is totally charming and in the perfect location. I have been there twice now and it is a place I am falling in love with. If anyone wants to go with me, please contact me. I just returned from a week there overlapping with the Dia de Los Muertos celebration. My friend, Sarah, is the one responsible for opening my eyes to the colorful and spirited Oaxaca because she has been leading tours there for several years now through her business Hearthstone Travel. During my visit there I was in the middle of another Sketchbook Skool session, titled Storytelling, my third one now. I have completed 18 different lessons, from artists scattered all over the world, and each one offers such a new perspective. All three sessions are available online at Sketchbook Skool. Danny Gregory has launched an extremely successful business! I can't wait for the next session to begin.