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Last night was "paint your pet night" at 15 Walnut Cafe in Lynn. An old professor of mine has been hosting these creative events there for some time now, but this was only the first time that I was available to attend one. After experiencing the atmosphere exuding from this funky little cafe, it won't be my last. We sat out back, at a long table, in a small closed in garden area. Our instructor, Michelle Lewis, provided all the supplies...acrylics, brushes, water, papertowels, and a 16x20" white primed canvas perched on a tabletop easel, waiting to be transformed. I was feeling a bit restless and anxious yesterday...just having one of those more worriesome than usual days, aware of the need to stop and listen and to take slow deep breaths, but wanting to be productive, maybe feeling disconnected? All I know is that the minute I walked into the 15 Walnut Cafe and looked around I felt totally at ease. This was where I belonged. This was what I be absorbed. As the night progressed my thoughts naturally shifted away from myself, and I began to focus outwardly on the abundance of creative energy in that one small place. Painting is so much fun,, but this was a night where it was much more than that. It was the feeling of connection and belonging, openness and acceptance among a diverse group of people without any sense of urgency. Another peak moment in my life.