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After opening an email from storyteller, Jay O'Callahan, and reading a poem he wrote called Summer Vacation, I started to dig back through some of his earlier blogs. I came across his entry, below, which I felt drawn to share. I am reminded that I really want to take one of Jay's workshops. After a refreshing reacquaintance with him, I am determined to make it happen!

   "We’re all creative! I’ve learned that giving workshops – storytelling and writing workshops – for over thirty years. I’ve also learned that there is something in our cultural genes that fashions invisible doors inside which we learn NOT to create. As a result . . . crayons are put away when we’re seven. Clay is put away after camp. Poems are no longer written after high school or college. On and on. This is absurd. Life is short. Create! Sing a lullaby to your child. Make one up. Who cares if it isn’t “good.” Wink at someone. Plant a lettuce you’ve never tried."      -Jay O'Callahan

We are planning on selling our old 1977 VW Bus this summer, which is difficult to let go of, but it's time. The drawing above is one I did about a year ago. Images allow us to hold on and let go at the same time.