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                                       SIMPLY ENJOY

I never did actually get to "simply enjoy" this peice of toast in an epicurean sense as it was totally stale by the time I got around to completing my drawing. Danny Gregory's Sketchbook Skool course #2 started on the 4th of July, and our first homework assignment was to do a "deep dive" drawing of a piece of toast. I toasted this piece of wheat ciabatta bread two days ago, and then suddenly realizing that I needed to be somewhere, I hid it in the cabinet so noone would eat it or throw it away. This rediculous little piece of toast had the perfect amount of air pockets and gently browned edges, ideal for a drawing. Danny instructed us that it should be a pen and ink drawing,  and he clearly wrote that we should omit labeling and names. Of course I added color, labels and names. I can't resist color, and I wanted to remember the exact bread so I could buy it again on my next trip to the store.  I am finally settling down into a summer mode, and although it seems a bit indulgent how carefree i'm feeling, I'm trying not to care.  Isn't it amazing how we struggle with the concept of allowing ourselves to slow down. Is that me or does everyone feel that way? I was talking with my mom the other evening, and she asked me what I did all day and I realed off  this long elaborate list of  how I took a long walk with the dogs, painted, hit golf balls, read my book and gardened when I hadn't done any of those things. They were all the things I had planned on doing. I was obviously feeling guilty about my idleness. How was I going to describe drawing toast? Especially when people all around me are working so hard.  Nevermind. I'm simply enjoying and trying to be carefree which takes practice. 

Now that my 23 year old daughter is working two jobs from 8 in the morning until 10 at night she's quite fatigued and a bit testy, but happy to be productive. I'm very proud of her impressive work ethic, but when I made the mistake of telling her to chill, she became a tad critical of my leisurely attitude, suggesting that I get a job. She may be right, but for the time being I'm going to allow myself to simply enjoy whatever peaceful moments of the summer I can.