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A quote on my fridge reads:  "In the stillness I remember what is important". I'm sitting at my kitchen island, alone in my house except for the dogs and cats. I've regained control over my laundryroom so I'm slowly beginning to make a dent in the overstuffed hamper. Nobody is around to borrow my computer charger, so my computer is recharging as I type, and I'm listening to Lori McKenna radio on Pandora, because noone is here to change the station.  Alison Krauss and the Union Station just finished singing, "When you say nothing at all"…A smile on your face let's me know that you need me…  This holiday season our house has been alive with smiles, family and friends, laughter, some tears, worries and turmoil, amazing food, the scent of evergreens, glowing lights, essential conversations, and an abundance of warm hello and good-bye embraces, but now suddenly all is quiet. In the stillness, as I watch the birds fervently fly to and from the feeders,  I remember what is important…Gratitude.  

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