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I have a long list of things I need to get done today, and all within a tightly timed schedule, but here I am. What's the Hurry? I led a creative writing group yesterday at my church, and "What's the hurry?" was one of the many prompts I offered my writing ladies. So, I was just about to head out to the barn to tidy up after my two steer, Star & Patch, who I let hunker in under the shed roof of the barn now that it's getting cold, and they are old, but…. deciding to take a quick look at the most recent Houzz email, I discovered a wonderful romantic story, and I needed to comment on it. I keep glancing over my shoulder at the red wall clock. I have time. What's the hurry



We own a 600 square foot home surrounded by preservation land that we want to expand on ever so minimally. I've been hesitant, afraid of changing it, but Lilah and Nick's dreams inspired me. The video is titled,  "This glass walled cabin that romance built."The thing I love so much about our house is its small size, and the freeness and creativity I feel when i am there. I worry about loosing that by adding on, but as Lilah says,  I need to be able to share this special place.