My Blog

I wish i could somehow record all my spontaneous thoughts into writing. I am intrigued by the wistful connections I make when i am in touch with my senses, and the awareness of the spontaneous patterns that flow and skip carrying me away on inspirational fantasies. My inner monologue often only whispers the things that are essential, reduced by shouts, they recede, patiently waiting for the noise to subside. If we can quiet down and listen, and concentrate on fine tuning our senses and absorbing the moment, we may hear our own sweet whispers in the silence. This becomes the start of listening to what's important. I am learning that when I allow myself to actively pause in the stillness of a moment, I can appreciate my small and simple riches. "Watching from a distance has a tender effect on my love inside. I come to resent careless words that disrupt my warm thoughts. There is a strength in the unspoken exchange of an affectionate gesture. Pausing to watch you so many times over the years, I wonder...if you were ever aware of my distant admiration? Quiet reflection breathes a contentedness with my life. Warm memories linger through a sentimental journey. I love you."